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Editorial in "GEOSTANDARDS and GEOANALYTICAL RESEARCH" marking the passing away of professor Jan Košler
ICE2ICE oppstartsmøte i København. Akkompagnert av musikk og en kort promoteringsvideo fikk ERC Synergi-prosjektet «Ice2ice» en fantastisk start 15. september –møtet innledet et arbeidsseminar i København 15.-17. september.
The content of these interesting courses at the Department of Earth Science, has recently been published in EOS.
ICE2ICE Kick-Off Meeting in Copenhagen Accompanied by music and a short promotional movie, the ERC Synergy project ‘ice2ice’ got off to a splendid start September 15 – heading off the Kick-off workshop in Copenhagen September 15–17.
The first joint PhD conference between ResClim and the Climate Research School at the Bolin Centre in Stockholm was held 28–30 September in and around Bergen.
Field update from a changing Arctic: Can the past tell us about the future? To try answering these questions, a UiB-led expedition set off on a lake-coring expedition to the still frozen fringes of Northwest Spitsbergen.
Professor Kuvvet Atakan, Department of Earth Science, lectured at summer workshop on probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) in Myanmar.
In a new Nature Communications paper Bjarte Hannisdal and co-authors question the way we think about the fossil record.
Professor Stéphane Rondenay, Department of Earth Science, is a co-author on this Nature paper. The study aims at obtaining an image of the complete pathway of the fluid–melt phase from the subducted oceanic crust to the surface.
New data published by CGB scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) call into question the biogenicity of microtextures in Archean rocks
The Centre for Geobiology together with the Nordic Network of Astrobiology hosted an international conference “Biosignatures across Space and Time” between May 20 and 22nd. Over 100 conference delegates from more than 19 countries attended the 3 day meeting, with 50 oral presentations and 36 poster presentations on different aspects of biosignatures in extreme environments, in the early rock... Read more
This week we received the very sad and unexpected news that Professor Jan Košler had passed away, only 49 years old.
An international conference “Biosignatures across Space and Time” is being hosted by the Centre for Geobiology and the Nordic Network of Astrobiology. The meeting will take place from 20 to 22 May 2014 in the Egget Auditorium, the Studentsenteret at the University of Bergen.
In a new Science publication scientists have reconstructed the surface ocean conditions and concomitant deep ocean circulation of about 125,000 years ago
University of Oslo is assisting students and scientists in Tanzania to increase the level of knowledge within Geology.
Centre Director Rolf Birger Pedersen laid the foundation stone for the new Centre for deep marine research
IODP Expedition 345 yields unexpected clues to ocean mysteries
Stéphane Rondenay was granted a FRINATEK research project and Vivi Pedersen was granted FRINATEK for "personal post-doctoral reserarch fellowship"