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- Public administration is about everything we are doing in national development, says ph.d. candidate Orest Masue. His project is about empowerment of school committees and parents in Tanzania. - It seems that the assumption “the more opportunity, the more empowerment” does not work here.
The editors of Kula Kula announced the winner of the ever popular photo competition at the release of the new Kula Kula magazine at Kvarteret on Thursday.
This fall, a 'con amore' course in Medical Anthropology has created a lot of positive attention. Amongst the students, medical anthropology has been a requested sub-genre within anthropology that UiB previously have not offered. Now, the course is finally here – led by PhD candidate Ane Straume. But Straume, why all the buzz?
Environmental Anthropology, Ethnobiology, Maritime Anthropology, Political Ecology. US born and Venezuelan raised Michael Vina has recently begun his PhD project here in Bergen, where he focuses on environmental knowledge and perspectives on climate change amongst fishers in coastal Ecuador. Read more about him here!