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Professor Stein Kuhnle is the co-editor of a new book on work-life balance in Europe and China. Together with Norwegian and Chinese colleagues he discusses how China can learn from the experiences of European welfare states.
Professor Frank Aarebrot was recently honored for his TV-lecture on Norwegian history by Rector Dag Rune Olsen of the University of Bergen. Professor Aarebrot’s popularizing of academic knowledge has been widely praised in the weeks ensuing the live-TV lecture.
Bruce Kapferer has recently published a new book - 2001 and Counting: Kubrick, Nietzsche, and Anthropology. Read more about it here!
The UNESCO-conference with the title «Using natural and cultural heritage in sustainable development» is taking place at UiB 24th -26th of March. 150 delegates from a multitude of nations are participating.
Circumstances for jobless persons under the age of 25 in Sweden, Finland and Norway have changed dramatically the last 15 years. Many have become poor.
Associate professor Alf G. Nilsen is the new representative for the University of Bergen to the India Nordic Centre.