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Wind energy has a very high potential for improvement, especially with regard to wake effects of the turbines within large wind farms. This work focuses the emphasis on potential of aerodynamically optimized wind park layouts and wake steering through yaw angle control.
Did you miss Jonas Solbakken and Velaug Myrseth Oltedal's presentation of HyValue? Watch it here!
This autumn we offer a new and redesigned English master’s programme in Politics and Governance of Global Challenges
Read the latest updates on the OceanStates front in our research blog.
At Centre for climate and energy transformation (CET) we are looking for a full time research assistant for one year. Deadline March 5th!
Vineeta Yadav’s exploration of the effect of religious parties on civil liberties earns her unanimous recognition from the 2022 Stein Rokkan Prize Jury, who commend its scope, originality and innovativeness and note its significant contribution to the comparative social science research.
Meet Paulina, Sergiu and Bilal - three new colleagues at the department
The Department of Government is organizing a PhD course from June 15th to June 21st 2023.
The Junior Scholars Network on AI, Media and Democracy aims to connect and support junior scholars who are conducting research relating to the development and use of AI by media and potential impacts on democracy.
Master`s graduate from the University of Bergen, Solveig Høegh-Krohn, on her role as researcher and the recent developments for the qualitative research conducted in the MUCS-project.