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KUD/CID Network: Forging Paths in the Study of Culture, Inequality, and Democracy
Unveiling the Cultural Tapestry of French Teenagers: Insights from Pierre Mercklé's Research
Exploring Social Inequality: Philippe Coulangeon's PhD Seminar on Cultural and Political Participation
Unveiling Cultural Shifts: Insights from Philippe Coulangeon's Open Guest Lecture
Unveiling Dynamics of Change: Insights from the Workshop on Culture, Inequality, and Democracy
A varied group of media and democracy experts have signed on as scientific advisors in the Prepare project.
Bergen Media Use Research Group professor Brita Ytre-Arne will hold a keynote at the conference Emerging Directions in News Use Research.
On December 5, Ranveig Falch joined the department of economics as an associate professor (tenure track). Ranveig received her PhD from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and did a post-doc at FAIR NHH. Her primary field of research is empirical behavioral economics, where she focuses on issues such as gender discrimination, human capital investment, and inequality acceptance. Her interests... Read more
Welcome to the digital and free SDG Conference in Bergen 2024! The theme is Take a look at the programme and register today.
A comprehensive UAV Data Utilization Workshop Successfully Empowers Trainers in Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring in Ghana, Africa.
In his master's project Gamuchirai J Mukura is doing a remote sensing-based Land Degradation Assessment to inform sustainable Development Goal 15.3.
In mid-September 2023, the innovative Urban Enclaving Futures project convened its third workshop entitled, “Urban Trajectories: Comparing Integration, Enclaving and Development in Africa and China” in Shanghai. While the UEF project focuses on processes related to housing, enclaving, and urbanization in the African cities of Accra, Maputo and Johannesburg, the intention of this workshop was to... Read more
Ph.d candidate Mehri Agai has spoken to El Paìs about how digital disconnection is more demanding for adolescents than adults.
Populist far-right parties portray fossil fuel phase-out as a threat to traditional family values, regional identity, and national sovereignty, according to researchers at UiB.
At this years Bergen Anthropology Day (BAD) hosted by department of Social Anthropology and CMI to present some of the current research being done by Bergen-based anthropologists, Will Dawley and Fartein Hauan Nilsen took part and shared some of the insights form their research on Cryonics and AI.
Did you miss Thomas Herzfelder Hansens presentation investigating the impact on engineering, manufacturing, commissioning, and farm-farm interaction due to the ongoing race for bigger turbines? Watch it here!