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One of the world’s leading judicial scholars has joined the University of Bergen as a visiting professor.
Marks and Hooghe built their lecture on Rokkan’s profound analysis of peripheral community. They discussed how distance, difference and dependence of territorial communities endure within a state.
- Understanding Representational and Policy-Making Challenges in Multi-Jurisdictional Polities.
Elin Monstad and Aaron Spitzer are newly appointed PhD candidates at the Department of Comparative Politics.
Local indigenous groups in Alberta, Canada embrace change as a survival strategy in the oil sands areas characterized by instability and uncertainty in the wake of the economic recession and devastating natural disasters.
The latest edition of the Journal Civil Wars is a special issue edited by Gyda Marås Sindre and Johanna Söderström.
Associate Professor Bjørn Enge Bertelsen published a new book.
In August two new PhD-students started working at SpaceLab: Jakob Grandin and Kristin Edith Abrahamsen Kjærås.