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Professor Hallvard Moe is participating in a new project on trust in research led by the Institute for Social Research
New research from MUCS uncover the challenges faced by elderly people as they navigate the internet and digital services in their everyday lives.
Leif Hemming Pedersen visited PREPARE for a seminar on Axel Honneths Recognition Theory.
Postdoctoral Fellow Juliana Tappe Ortiz and Associate Professor Corentin Poyet participated to the "6th international week" of the Catholic University of Lille.
Head of the course Lise Rykkja and Jill Loga welcomed the first cohort of leaders from the ministries and affiliated units to Bergen and to the political science course on wicked problems, collaboration, and coordination in the public sector.
As part of the Breaking Bad Understanding Backlash to Democracy in Africa, Lise Rakner with Marja Hinfelaar , Sishuwa Sishuwa and Nic van de Walle (2023) published the following article in a special issue of Journal of Eastern African Studies focusing on Zambia's most recent elections.
«We are well aware that a significant change is necessary. We have the knowledge that is needed. Now we must figure out what to do,» professor Håvard Haarstad at UiB says. The seventh SDG Conference in Bergen will be held from 7.-9. February. We ask: What should be the role of universities?
Arjan Schakel’s project is coming to an end: –We have cracked open the black box of regional voting.