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Media researchers from the Nordic countries comparing and sharing experiences for their research of how the Covid-19 pandemic was communicated and managed in the different countries.
Haste is out now! The book is edited by CET researchers Håvard Haarstad, Jakob Grandin, Kristin Kjærås and Eleanor Johnson and is available for download - open access!
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic much research has been carried out on how the pandemic has affected society. Here you will find an overview of publications related to media use and the pandemic, by the scholars in Bergen Media Use Research Group.
CET Lunches, conferences and breakfast meetings; here's an overview of our planned events for the semester.
The pilot project KODEM_DEMO utilized the new national infrastructure KODEM for research on Norwegian democracy and governance. The first results have now been published in a special issue of Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift (The Norwegian Journal for Political Science).
Our associate professor Silje Kristiansen got accepted into UiB's career development program Momentum for 2023!
DIGSSCORE is announcing a Postdoctoral research fellow position in Political Science with deadline March 31st.
We mark European Social Survey’s (ESS) 20th anniversary by holding a seminar at Hotel Norge, Wednesday 25 January, from 0930 to 1700. Department of Government has been national coordinator for the ESS since 2019, and wishes to invite all interested parties to participate at the seminar. Everyone are also invited to a competition on making the best ESS data visualization.
In their latest article in the international top journal Journalism, John Magnus Ragnhildson Dahl and Brita Ytre-Arne explain the meaning of metrics in journalism during the COVID-19 pandemic, from an audience perspective.
Researcher Erik Knudsen publishes new article in Journal of Communication. Knudsen provides a new theoretical framework for studying news recommenders systems impact on selective exposure in the online news environment.
Did you miss Dr. Abdullah Al Arif's presentation on how offshore wind farms (OWFs) and fisheries interact within a climate change context? Watch the recorded webinar here!