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In my master's project I study glacier and climate reconstruction during the Holocene with focus on the Little Ice Age in Bjellådalen, Austre Svartisen, northern Norway.
Be part of a strong network of industry, academic and societal partners and get access to fully funded courses, field trips and internships. Deadline: 20 November 2023.
The MIX students Maria Tysse Hordvik and Julie Sophie Teilstad Østbye participated with their LifeLens prototype at Lifelog Search Challenge 2023 in Greece.
The Centre for Investigative Journalism (SUJO) is launching a master course in Artificial Intelligence designed for full-time journalists.
"It is unfortunate that serious researchers portray AI as human-like and attribute various good and bad human qualities to the systems. Machines do not think; they compute", writes Bjørnar Tessem in Dagen Næringsliv.
Did you miss our half-day seminar on European Electricity Market Design for the Future, co-organized by Bergen Energy Lab / NHH Norwegian School of Economics? Watch the presentations here!
A new study from UiB provides the first empirical evidence that 'implicit competition' in the workplace has an impact on job promotions and salary increases.
In this presentation, Jonathan Økland Torstensen, associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, present ongoing work on optimization of hydrogen production through hydrolysis of water and pyrolysis of natural gas respectively, and discusses aspects of the two methods and their potential utillity in large scale hydrogen production.
In this presentation, Per-Oddvar Osland discusses how customer flexibility can contribute to solving challenges related to the increased pressure on the power grid, such as power peaks. The presentation will be held in Norwegian language.
In my master's project I study modern glacier and climate fluctuations reflected as geodetic mass balance, calculated using UAV and historical aerial imagery at Fannaråkbreen, Jotunheimen.
Fay Farstad started at the Department in October 2023, coming from a position as a Senior Researcher at CICERO Center for International Climate Research
My PhD project aims to advance the understanding of the feasibility of deploying emerging technologies to meet climate targets.
Somewhat surprisingly, Norway finds itself at the bottom alongside Romania, in a study of trust in child welfare services in six European countries.
Are you a student and want to work with our course in Sustainable Innovation at UiB? Apply before 29.10.2023 and join our team at UiB Collaboratory!
In my PhD project, I seek to advance a methodological framework for integrated assessment modelling that narrows the gap between modellers/scientists and model users/real people, beyond the science-policy nexus.