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To grasp developments in Norwegian politics, Stein Rokkan’s perspectives are needed, PhD student Olav Elgvin of the Department of Comparative Politics writes in newspaper Klassekampen. Rokkan’s political-sociological perspectives are not sufficiently present, according to Elgvin.
September 10th Herbert Kitschelt visits the Department of Comparative Politics to give the annual Stein Rokkan Memorial Lecture.
Professor Atle Møen har publiched an article titled "Interpretations and critiques of modernity - A review of Peter Wagner: Modernity: understanding the present".
Mobilized Islam and state-society relations in Muslim majority countries with a special focus on Syria, Tunisia and Turkey are Dutch Teije Hidde Donker’s research interests.
New students at the Department of Comparative Politics and European Studies were welcomed by the department leadership Friday August 15th , and given a presentation of both the discipline and faculty.
Alf Gunvald Nilsen, associate professor at the Department of Sociology, has co-authored the book We Make Our Own History: Marxism and Social Movements in the Twilight of Neoliberalism (Pluto Press, August 2014), with Laurence Cox, a sociologist based at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth.
Judicial politics, democracy, political institutions in Latin America are Argentinian Andrea Castagnola’s research interests.
A special issue of the journal Growth and Change addressing the relationship between innovations and geographical contexts has been based on a session at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) in Seattle, Washington in 2011.
Why justices dissent in the Norwegian Supreme Court and the potential impact of such dissents on the court’s development is the topic of Henrik Litleré Bentsen’s PhD project.