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The Christie Conference is one of Norway's most important meeting places for academia, business, culture and society. UiB invites decision makers and key people from business, cultural life, public sector, NGO's and the media. This year associate professor Eeva Mauring, assistant professor Nina Serdarevic and head of Department Tommy S. Gabrielsen participated with engaging lectures.
The end of 2020 marked the close of our major project European cities as actors in climate and energy transformation project, funded by the Trond Mohn Foundation. Among the achievements, we are particularly proud of how the project has helped to develop the careers of researchers across the fields of sustainable city planning, governance, communications and media and social movements.
We are pleased to share with you the CET Annual Report 2020. Although 2020 was a year with huge global challenges, the centre continues to grow and develop new projects and engagement in societal transformation. Read our highlights pamphlet below and download the full annual report.
Read the latest updates on the OceanStates research front in our blog.
Lise H. Rykkja, Kristin Rubecksen and Per Lægreid are co-authors on new article in Administration & Society.