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Georg Picot has long done research on temporary employment. For his next project he wants to study low-wage employment and how the state influences wages.
Wondering which courses to choose this autumn? Here is an overview over elective courses at the 200-level at the Department of Comparative Politics. The courses are open for all students at the University of Bergen and taught in English.
PhD Candidate Maria Dyveke Styve has co-edited a newly released e-book that explores the relevance of dependency theory today. Read more and access the e-book here.
This new book, edited by professor Tor Halfdan Aase and published at Oxford University Press, asks to what extent Himalayan farmers and their institutions are prepared to face a future when external production conditions change.
On 16 June Thor Erik Sortland from the Department of Social Anthropology defended his thesis.
Postdoctoral Fellow Alessandro Zagato's research revolves around state evolution and egalitarian movements in Mexico. Read more about his project here.
Professor Michaël Tatham honoured by the Faculty of Social Sciences for his volume on European regions, which was published by Oxford University Press.
The University of Bergen and the University of the South Pacific announced the establishment of a joint marine chair at a reception during the UN Ocean Conference.
Climate change is said to be the greatest global challenge of our time, but it is also a contested topic. How do we talk about these issues - from everyday life to the meetings of policy makers - and what are the consequences? Join the course SANT285 if you want to engage in discussions about climate change in a post-factual world.
Doctor Marina Gold's project revolves around the relationship between human rights discourse and the role of NGOs in the articulation of the refugee crisis in Europe. Read more about her research project here.
PhD Candidate Tareq Hasan's research revolves around changes in work and labour patterns in the garment industry in Bangladesh. Read more about his project here.
Professor Knut Rio's contribution to the Egalitarianism project concerns the question of wealth. Read more about his research project here.
PhD Candidate Axel has conducted transnational, multi-sited fieldwork among Kurdish people for a total of 21 months. Read more about his research project here.
PhD Candidate Mari's research revolves around intentional communities in the US. Read more about her project here.
PhD Candidate Maria Dyveke Styve's research revolves around the finance sector in London and the mining sector in South Africa. Read more about her project here.
At the United Nations Ocean Conference in the first week of June 2017, anthropologist Edvard Hviding established new partnerships between Norway and the Pacific island nations in marine and climate research.
The international research project TROPICO has received support from the EU's programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020. The project is coordinated by the University of Bergen.