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Students, anthropologists and other invited guests had found their way to attend the Fredrik Barth Memorial Lecture 2018, held by Dr. Michael W. Scott.
Professor Kathleen Thelen from MIT held the 2018 Rokkan Memorial Lecture, and presented the American precariat in a true Rokkanian, comparative tradition.
The department's internal workshop on measurements and concepts proved to be both challenging and rewarding.
On October 19 2018 Mohammad Tareq Hasan defended his thesis.
Er du student og vil arbeide med et nytt studentdrevet emne eller konferanse ved UiB?
The Stein Rokkan Memorial Lecture of 2018 will be held by Professor Kathleen Thelen, whose research on historical institutionalism and comparative historical analysis connects her to the work of Stein Rokkan.
Professor James G. March passed away on September 27, 2018.
Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of Comparative Politics and University of Cambridge, Gyda Sindre, has launched an ambitious research network and website which will bring thorough attention to several themes connected to post-conflict studies.