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Ongoing research and a new journal engaged academics when The Department of Social Anthropology and the anthropologists at Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) hosted the very first Bergen Anthropology Day.
We welcome you to attend the launch of CET - Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, a new initiative at the University of Bergen. The aim of CET is to provide new knowledge on societal pathways to climate and energy transformation. CET will be a hub for interdisciplinary research, with a basis in the social sciences.
At CET (Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation) there are two vacant positions for students. Scandinavian language skills required.
Professor at the Institute of Comparative Politics, Michaël Tatham, wins yet another award for his outstanding work on European regions.
Håvard Haarstad is co-organising a new PhD course on Urban Transformations to be held at the University of Oslo this fall.
Postdoctoral fellow Anna Szolucha's research explores the intersections of energy and society, especially the role of unconventional natural resources and renewable energy. Read more about her project here.
Vegard Jarness has recently published the article “Viewpoints and Points of View: Situating Symbolic Boundary Drawing in Social Space” in the journal European Societies.
‘Saktuelt’ provides a forum for political scientists to grapple with topics in the news.
The economist Katrine Vellesen Løken has been awarded the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council.
Maurizio Ferrera tackles EU integration in annual Rokkan Lecture.
Associate Professor Iselin Åsedotter Strønen's new monograph "Grassroots Politics and Oil Culture. The Revolutionary Petro-State" offers an in-depth understanding of grassroots struggles, state transformations and social change during the Chávez-years in Venezuela.