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New article in Scandinavian Political Studies by Haldor Byrkjeflot, Tom Christensen, and Per Lægreid.
Community forestry is increasingly seen as an important component in environmental governance. In the Indian state of Uttarakhand a process of reform has made forest councils compulsory in every village and introduced new rules within which they are to function. In this doctoral project I explore the many views of this contested reform process, taking into consideration current local livelihoods... Read more
The EU-funded ECOPAS project brings together anthropology, climate research and performative arts to highlight the challenges faced by Pacific island nations.
Michelle MacCarthy started as a postdoctoral fellow here at the Department of Anthropology in February 2013, and is a contributor to the Norwegian Research Council funded project "Gender and Pentecostalism in a Comparative Perspective". Read on for her profile!
Ruy Blanes is post doctoral research fellow here at the Department of Anthropology in Bergen. Together with Diana Espírito Santo, he has edited a new and exiting book on the social life of spirits. Published by Chicago Books, the book is now available for purchase.
Department of Geography is offering the web based course "Critical Perspectives on Environment and Development" in the spring semester 2014.