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When Svetlana Sorokina’s mother calls from Siberia and complains about the cold, Svetlana knows one thing: It has probably been unusually warm in the Arctic
UiB scientists have found the lampshell’s ancient forefather, and discovered that the shells and bristles of the lampshells have a much older origin than priveously thought. The results are published in the scientific journal PNAS.
GeoPartner annual Seminar Thursday 16. february. Here is some pictures from the day:
Amund Måge has been appointed new marine director at the University of Bergen. One of his first tasks will be to include the entire university in its strategic marine research initiative.
Computational Biology Unit, a leading hub of bioinformatics research in Bergen, Norway, aims to boost computational biology research and education in the country. Now, they are seeking the best young researchers.
A new research finds an increase of strong and extremely strong fronts in summertime and autumn over Europe. If this is a trend or caused by climate change remains to be seen, according to lead author Sebastian Schemm.
The Department of Earth Sciences (GEO) is part of HordaFlom, an innovative project which will analyze lake sediments to reconstruct flooding events during the last 2000 years and which will provide more robust projections of future floods
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