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Professor at Department of Earth Science, Univerity of Bergen, Joachim Jacobs, participates in The international expedition Geodynamic Evolution of East Antarctica 2 (GEA-2)
Three new participants joined our group recently.
After the 3-month stay in Stockholm, at the Mittag-Leffler institute, the members of the Analysis group finally got back to Bergen and are ready to start dealing with new mathematical challenges again.
Grand Old Man of the Norwegian Quaternary Geology, Bjørn G. Andersen, died January 12
Professor Haakon Fossen at the Department of Earth Science, Univerity of Bergen, and the University Museum of Bergen, has been presented with the award “Nordic Geoscientist Award 2012".
In December 2011 Journal of Magnetic Resonance came with a special issue where some of the groundbreaking papers in NMR are presented.
CGB leader professor Rolf Birger Pedersen and collaborators have discovered two new, unique hydrothermal vents in the Mid-Cayman spreading centre
Centre leader Rolf Birger Pedersen was part of a team of international experts aboard the RRS James Cook spring 2010.
Are Nylund says that wild salmon in British Columbia (BC) waters have been found to carry what a federal scientist believes may be a new strain of the infectious salmon anemia (ISA) virus, which has afflicted fish farms in eastern Canada, Chile and Europe.