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Offshore wind farms can “steal” the capacity of other farms by up to 20 percent up to 50 kilometres away, due to wake loss. The regulation is ambiguous and needs to be developed to accommodate large-scale offshore wind development in the North Sea and other ocean areas, according to PhD Candidate Eirik Finseraas at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen.
October 16-17, 2023, partners of the new NFR funded project ACTIONABLE all met in person in Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere. The project is led by Dr. Alicia D. Barraclough, researcher under the UiB UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management.
A new paper in Nature Scientific Data offer a comprehensive exploration of food plants and human indicators found in fossil pollen records. This new paper developed by Suzette Flantua (researcher and CESAM member at Dept. of Biological Sciences) creates an invaluable resource for interdisciplinary research aiming to reconstruct human history over long time scales.
School/GEOV336 in the Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway
Did you miss our half-day seminar on European Electricity Market Design for the Future, co-organized by Bergen Energy Lab / NHH Norwegian School of Economics? Watch the presentations here!
New high-resolution investigation of submarine canyon and basins floor sedimentary processes in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece.
We cordially invite you to join us in Bergen, Norway from Tuesday 28th until Friday 31st May 2024!
In this presentation, Jonathan Økland Torstensen, associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, present ongoing work on optimization of hydrogen production through hydrolysis of water and pyrolysis of natural gas respectively, and discusses aspects of the two methods and their potential utillity in large scale hydrogen production.
We have a residual stock of Big Dye which can be purchased upon request
In this presentation, Per-Oddvar Osland discusses how customer flexibility can contribute to solving challenges related to the increased pressure on the power grid, such as power peaks. The presentation will be held in Norwegian language.
HySchool welcomes four new student representatives to the Board for 2023 - 2024! They represent the students in HySchool and will contribute to the development of the research school.