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The Skeletal Development Group has a new name; Vertebrate evolution and development. According to Professors Sindre Grotmol, Harald Kryvi and Geir Låre Totland, the new name reflects an exciting evolution in the group's research activity towards more fundamental biological questions regarding the mechanism for the development of the vertebral column; the hallmark of the vertebrates.
The Matrix project in Uganda has now been running for a couple of years. Fieldwork can sometimes be difficult, but Vigdis managed to solve the problem of keeping food in the hot climate by having very fresh food for lunch!
Mathematicians Land Top Spot in New Ranking of Best and Worst Occupations in the U.S.
They are studying the microorganisms found around the hostile environments found in the deep sea and at hydrothermal vents to learn more about how they collaborate to build up chemosynthetic ecosystems that support unique communities of larger organisms.
Bergen Marine Research Cluster is a collaborative body which will put Bergen at the forefront of marine research through interdisciplinary cooperation, great expertise and high-tech equipment. “We want to be one of the world’s leading centres of research, monitoring and consulting in the field of the marine environment and marine resources," says Peter M. Haugan, who heads the cluster
Most of the scholarship holders were Norwegian when the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research opened in 2003. The number of international scholarship holders is now in excess of 50%. Dir. Arne Skauge thanks the internet and networking for this internationalization.
Four young researchers will each receive between NOK 12-15 million so that they can start their own research groups at the university. They are the winners of this year’s award from the Bergen Research Foundation’s (BFS) recruitment programme.
The Geophysical Institute, the University of Århus, the University of Iceland and the University of the Faroes have developed a new interdisciplinary master's program, called MARECLIM. The program starts up in the autumn of 2009.