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The solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere is attenuated before it reaches the earth's surface. The attenuation is due to extinction (scattering and absorption) by particles and molecules in the atmosphere. If the solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere is known, the radiation received at the earth's surface can be used to reveal the properties of the atmospheric aerosol.
In a new Science publication scientists have reconstructed the surface ocean conditions and concomitant deep ocean circulation of about 125,000 years ago
Spatial dynamics of the bearded goby and its key fish predators off Namibia varies with climate and oxygen availability
Signe og Ingvill var verter for årets Junior Teacher's Seminar! Alle Junior Teachers var "invitert" (= seminaret er obligatorisk), og nesten alle møtte opp. Vi fikk anledning til å diskutere de beste sidene ved undervisning, i tillegg til sider ved undervisningen som motivasjon, kollokvier og karaktersetting. Dette er andre året vi arrangerer Junior Teacher's Seminar, og vi håper det blir et fast... Read more
Signe and Ingvill hosted this years Junoir Teacher's Seminar - and what a seminar they made! All Junior Teacher was "invited" (= the seminar is mandatory), and most turned up. We all got to discuss the good parts of teaching, but also some issues like motivation, colloquiums and grading. This is the second year we arange Junior Teacher's Seminar, and we hope it will be a regular event each spring.
This year's winter school will be held during March 19 - 21 in Finse.
Four researchers from the Algorithms group are co-authors of a paper recently accepted to STOC 2014.