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The team of Department of informatics that participated in the 21 km relay race at Bergen City Marathon on Saturday finished as number 46 out of 162 teams.
For the first time simultaneous detection of a terrestrial gamma flash and the optical signal from lightning is presented.
We have the pleasure of presenting the following new employees and visitors at the Centre for Geobiology:
A chance discovery of a sunken log on the seabed in the North Atlantic is providing concrete support for the idea that stepping stone habitats may help to explain the diffusion of populations of organisms across the deep seafloor.
Could cooperative behaviour between males be based on female promiscuity?
The university magazine, Hubro, has a story about algorithms in the next issue 1/2013, soon in print.
Director of the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Sismológicas (CENAIS), Bladimir Moreno Toiran, is visiting the Department Of Earth Science
In a new study, scientists suggest that the pattern of ocean circulation was radically altered in the past when climates were warmer.
The Tage Nilsson Memorial Lectures in the Department of Geology, Quaternary Sciences, University of Lund were given by Hilary and John Birks on March 7 and 8.
Frede Thingstad is an author on a Review article in Nature Geoscience
Tunicol, led by Eric Thompson and Christoffer Troedsson, has won an innovation prize.