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Researchers from the MAR-ECO project at again at sea over the mid-Atlantic Ridge, first for a 40-day cruise aboard the new NOAA Research Vessel, the Henry B. Bigelow and then for six weeks aboard the newest English research vessel, the James Cook.
CGB will be taking an active role in an Astrobiology summer school addressing these issues 29 June-13 July 2009. Professor Nils-Kåre Birkeland will be one of the lecturers, lecturing on the "Genetics of thermophiles" and the "Molecular basis of the stability of biomoleculees in hot environments". Researcher Ida Helene Steen and research assistant Solveig Hoem are leading some of the lab courses... Read more
Guest researcher and mineralogist Beata Smieja-Król says that peatland is only interesting when it is polluted!
This spring there have been a number of notices in the weekly update from the Research Council of Norway about funding programmes that support student and faculty exchanges with both Germany and France. BIO researcher, Christiane Todt, recently participated in a German exchange and highly recommends the experience.
Professor Lise Øvreås is participating in a research cruise in the Lau basin, east of Fiji, where scientists are investigating extreme organisms living around the hydrothermal vents found there.
In 2008 UiB established an internal prize to encourage high quality in learning milieux at the university.
Daniel Lokshtanov is only 25 years old, but has already published 22 scientific papers. On June 22 he will defend his PhD thesis - one year ahead of time!
Dorothy Dankel successfully defended her thesis in fisheries management
Knut Wiik Vollset had a six-month exchange in the US. He definitely recommends that other PhD students have an exchange experience.
Written by Friederike Hoffman, Sars Centre. Sponges are major constitutes of coral reef and deep sea communities. They excrete high amounts of ammonium and, due to the activity of associated microorganisms, nitrite and nitrate; these are essential nutrients, and sponges are thus considered as important nutrient sources in the marine ecosystem.
May 18-20 a group of undergraduates spent three days at UiB’s Marine Research Station in Espegrend getting an intensive taste and overview of Marine Biology.
With no less than four co-authored papers, postdoc Saket Saurabh at the Department of Informatics has set a new record in at the respected ICALP conference.
Expectant mothers who use herbal medicine are not given enough information with regard to dosage or possible side effects. This can cause complications for both mother and child.
Hilkka Ndjaula is the first person to have completed a doctoral degree through the long-standing academic collaboration on fisheries between UiB and Namibia. She hopes her degree will inspire her fellow countrymen and women to pursue research careers.