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As the negotiations in Montreal draw to a close, headlines are announcing the big Targets agreed to by nearly 200 countries pledging to put a stop to biodiversity loss.
Did you miss Jon O. Hellevang's presentation on seabed minerals and their role in the green shift? Watch it here!
20 students from 12 countries have been exploring different ways to monitor the cryosphere in the Semi-Arid Andes of Chile.
This is the web page for HySchool Days 2023, the premier networking event organised by HySchool ‒ Norwegian Research School on Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Based Fuels. UiB hosted HySchool Days 2023 in Bergen, on 8-9 March 2023. 
HySchool welcomes the four student representatives to the board for 2022 - 2023! They represent the students in HySchool and will contribute to the development of the research school.
The Owl Prize, UiB's internal award for educational quality, is awarded to Bjarte Hannisdal and the course GEOV114.