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On 28 November the annual Seismology Seminar took place in Litteraturhuset.
On November 27, UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management and CeSAM researcher Inger Måren represented the University of Bergen at the government's hearing for two upcoming reports to the Norwegian parliament; one on biodiversity and one on climate.
The deadline for submitting participation agreements to the 11th Society of Petroleum Engineers Comparative Solution Project (the “SPE11”) has just passed, and as of writing 44 research groups from around the world have joined!
On the 8th and 9th of November, VISTA CSD invited collaborators, industry partners and the scientific advisory board for its midterm meeting.
This week, the group tasked with developing future leaders in artificial intelligence gathered.
Last Wednesday marked the conclusion of the first subject offered by the course portfolio of HySchool, PK8452 - Hydrogen Energy Technology at NTNU. The course enrolled 22 PhD students from 6 universities, each specialising in various facets of the hydrogen value chain.
A recent report from the University of the Arctic recognizes the University of Bergen as Norway's most influential university and a global leader in Arctic research.
Enhancing collaboration between SimTech, SFB 1313 and the University of Bergen
PhD candidate Kui Xiang successfully defended his thesis entitled 'Scattering approaches to modelling and inversion of acoustic and elastic waveform data' on 16 November.
PhD student Kui Xiang gave an interesting trial lecture on artificial learning and seismic modeling and inversion.
UiB's recent initiatives in Greenland signal a continued commitment and evolution in its Arctic research endeavors. Through active participation in the Ilulissat Science Forum and the launch of the ILLU Science and Art Hub, the University of Bergen (UiB) showcases its ongoing dedication to collaborative engagement with the local population.
Agricultural activity in Norway has been decreasing since the 1950’s, leaving substantial areas of agricultural land abandoned. These lands are typically left to naturally regrow, or they are planted with Norwegian native tree species to mitigate atmospheric carbon. But how do these changes impact different ecosystem services? UNESCO Chair and CESAM affiliated researchers have investigated what... Read more
Did you miss Arill Hagland's talk on OneSubsea Processing's plans for developing subsea substations for offshore wind parks? Watch it here!
Just around the corner from where Johan Hjort did part of his groundbreaking research on herring, the next generation of ocean research leaders are gathered for the first time.
Martin Kjenes had on 14. November his trial lecture "On the interplay between magmatism and earthquakes". Martin will defend his PhD thesis next week, on Friday 24. November.
On the 13.11.2023, nine Life Science Research Infrastructure programs in Norway signed an agreement for establishing a long-term collaboration aiming to revolutionise the management and exchange of life science data in Norway
CeSAM is looking for PhD Research Fellow in Ecosystem Services, to measure and understand patterns of ecosystem service demand across Norwegian society.
The Appendicularian Facility at the Michael Sars Centre at the University of Bergen is one of only four in the world. This month, guest researchers traveled from the U.S. to conduct experiments in this unique laboratory.