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BBC Earth is featuring an article on how growing environment shapes the cognitive abilities in fish. Research by Anne Gro Vea Salvanes from EvoFish is also highlighted, with cool videos!
With fisheries-induced evolution in the spotlight, Bea, Fabian and Mikko from EvoFish attended the ICES Annual Science Conference
Camille Li of the Geophysical Institute is co-author on this Nature paper that revises the age of the Sahara Desert
Nestory Peter Gabagambi has started his PhD study in evolutionary fish parasitology. In his study Peter will focus on the interaction between a tapeworm and its fish host in Lake Nyasa/Malawi.
In a joint master project between the Environmental toxicology and Evolutionary Ecology research groups, Moritz Pohl is unveiling the secrets of the remarkable anoxia tolerance of bearded goby from Namibia.
Analyses of recaptures of escaped farmed salmon reveal that much more salmon escape than is reported. This result was also noted in the Research Highlights of Nature!