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Alexander Schmeding

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My main research interests are infinite-dimensional (differential) geometry, global analysis and Lie theory. Lately, I have become interested in applications of infinite-dimensional geometry to the theory of rough paths and stochastic (partial) differential equations.

Rough path theory is in itself already quite geometric and can be formulated with ease in a Banach space setting. However, then geometric, combinatorial and topological questions come into play. 

My research interests and expertise encompass in particular topologies on spaces of (smooth) functions,  diffeomorphism groups and higher categories in differential geometry (in the form of Lie groupoids) and their connections to infinite-dimensional geometry.

Before joining UiB, I have held positions at TU Berlin and NTNU Trondheim (for example in the EU-project CHiPS). There applications of infinite-dimensional geometry and numerical analysis were key elements of my research. If you want to know more, (almost) all of my preprints can be found on the arXiv in preprint form.

Here are some key research areas I am interested in (together with some of my contributions):

Infinite-dimensional Geometry, rough paths and stochastic analysis

Rough paths are connected to character groups of certain Hopf algebras (see here for an explanation).These groups turn out to be infinite-dimensional Lie groups:

Applications of infinite-dimensional geometry to stochastic analysis

Shape Analysis (on spaces with ambient geometry)

cf. the survey ''Shape analysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces'' 

Geometry on manifolds of Differentiable mappings

Lie groupoids vs. Infinite-dimensional Lie groups

Linking Lie groupoids and infinite-dimensional Lie groups.

In Fall 2019 I am teaching MAT214: Complex analysis.

Office hours:
There are no fixed office hours. Feel free to drop by or make an appointment by Email.


Bachelor-/Master or other projects

You are a student interested in taking a Bachelor- or Master project with me? Then please feel free to get in touch! Usually I have several ideas for such projects from (infinite-dimensional) differential geometry and its applications. Here is a list of possible projects. However, own suggestions for projects are also welcome.

In the past I had the pleasure of supervising some Bachelor projects at TU Berlin (together with P. Friz in stochastic analysis). Further, I was involved in the StudForsk program at NTNU Trondheim. The project there was completed with a joint publication. See:

Hjelle, S.: Strong topologies for spaces of smooth maps with infinite-dimensional target, Expo. Math. 35 no. 1 (2017), S. 13-53 (cf. ArXiv)

Journal articles
  • Bogfjellmo, Geir; Schmeding, Alexander. 2018. The geometry of characters of hopf algebras. Abel Symposia. 13: 159-185. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-01593-0_6
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More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

Almost all of my preprints can be found on the arXiv in preprint form.