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David Lara-Arango

, PhD Candidate

My research is focused in commodity and energy markets. Specifically, my research aims to explain how different sources of market instability interact for a series of specific markets. In addition, my research also aims to propose different stabilization mechanisms in order to mitigate such instabilites, using simulation, experimental economics and statistical analysis.

Journal articles
  • Lara Arango, David; Arango-Aramburo, Santiago; Larsen, Erik R. 2017. Uncertainty and the long-term adequacy of supply: Simulations of capacity mechanisms in electricity markets. Energy Strategy Reviews. 18: 199-211. doi: 10.1016/j.esr.2017.10.002
Reports and theses
  • Lara Arango, David. 2018. Essays on dynamic noncooperative games based on simulations and experiments. Universitetet i Bergen.

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Energy and commodity markets modelling

Cooperative Non cooperative games

Cobweb theorem

Non-standard decision making theory

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