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Academic article
  • Sigmundova, Dagmar; Sigmund, Erik; Tesler, Riki; Ng, Kwok W.; Hamrik, Zdenek; Mathisen, Frida Kathrine Sofie; Inchley, Jo; Bucksch, Jens. 2019. Vigorous physical activity in relation to family affluence: time trends in Europe and North America. International Journal of Public Health. 1049-1058.
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  • Pavelka, Jan; Sigmundova, Dagmar; Hamřík, Zdeněk; Kalman, Michal; Sigmund, Erik; Mathisen, Frida Kathrine Sofie. 2017. TRENDS IN ACTIVE COMMUTING TO SCHOOL AMONG CZECH SCHOOLCHILDREN FROM 2006 TO 2014. Central European Journal of Public Health. S21-S25.
  • Gubbels, Jessica S.; Mathisen, Frida Kathrine Sofie; Samdal, Oddrun; Lobstein, Tim; Kohl, Leonie F.M.; Leversen, Ingrid; Lakerveld, Jeroen; Kremers, Stef P.J.; van Assema, Patricia. 2015. The assessment of ongoing community-based interventions to prevent obesity: Lessons learned. BMC Public Health.
  • Samdal, Oddrun; Mathisen, Frida Kathrine Sofie; Torsheim, Torbjørn; Diseth, Åge; Fismen, Anne-Siri; Larsen, Torill Marie Bogsnes; Wold, Bente; Årdal, Elisabeth. 2016. Helse og trivsel blant barn og unge. Resultater fra den landsrepresentative spørreundersøkelsen «Helsevaner blant skoleelever. En WHO-undersøkelse i flere land». 1/2016. 1/2016. .
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