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Professor Emeritus
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Natural product chemistry. Analysis and identification of organic compounds from plants and microorganisms. Compound types studied: alkaloids, anthraquinones, carotenoids, terpenoids in general.

Mass spectrometry: DART in analysis.

Kjem 233 Mass Spectrometry

Kjem 238 Pharmacognosy

Academic article
  • Show author(s) 2017. Non-Polar Natural Products from Bromelia laciniosa, Neoglaziovia variegata and Encholirium spectabile (Bromeliaceae). Molecules.
  • Show author(s) 2015. Changes in the composition of aromatherapeutic citrus oils during evaporation. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM). 6 pages.
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Popular scientific lecture
  • Show author(s) 2000. Tematisk nettverk i kjemi.
  • Show author(s) 2000. Nomenklatur i organisk kjemi.
  • Show author(s) 2000. Internasjonalisering - I vesten eller i verden.
  • Show author(s) 2000. Faglige arbeid over landegrensen.
  • Show author(s) 1997. @<Tittel ikke oppgitt@>.
  • Show author(s) 1997. @<Tittel ikke oppgitt@>.
Academic lecture
  • Show author(s) 2005. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis induced by khat extract and its alkaloids cathinone and cathine in acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Show author(s) 2005. Mechanisms of apoptosis induction by khat alkaloids in leukaemia cells.
  • Show author(s) 2001. Preliminary Report of ECTN Working Group on Green and Sustainable Chemistry in European Universities.
  • Show author(s) 2000. The Principles of ECTS.
  • Show author(s) 2000. Erfaringer med ECTS.
  • Show author(s) 2000. An Introduction to ECTS.
  • Show author(s) 1999. Videreføring av ECTS.
  • Show author(s) 1999. Introduksjon til ECTS.
  • Show author(s) 1999. ECTS. Hva er det?
  • Show author(s) 1999. ECTS systemet, erfaring og praksis.
  • Show author(s) 1999. Chromatographic Fractionation of Petroleum.
  • Show author(s) 1998. Introduction til det europeiske kredit-overførings systemet (ECTS).
  • Show author(s) 1998. ECTS of erfaringer med systemet i Norge.
  • Show author(s) 1997. European Credit Transfer Systems (ECTS).
  • Show author(s) 1997. Core chemistry (organic and physical chemistry) in Norway.
Reader opinion piece
  • Show author(s) 2009. Reply to: On the importance of the use of proper approaches for comparison of analytical methods for serum nitrate and evaluation of reference concentrations. By Dr. Dimitrios Tsikas and Dr. Jens M Hohlfeld. Clinical Biochemistry. 1197-1199.
Thesis at a second degree level
  • Show author(s) 2005. Analyse av prdukter fra fire seskviterpener ved hjelp av GC-MC.
Masters thesis
  • Show author(s) 2011. Analyse av psykofarmaka-Metodeutvikling for kromatografisk analyse av utvalgte antidepressiva og antipsykotika i serum.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Show author(s) 2006. The Use of PLC for Separation of Natural Pigments. 22 pages.
  • Show author(s) 2004. Techniques of pigment identification. 49 pages.
Encyclopedia article
  • Show author(s) 2003. Natural pigments. 697-732. In:
    • Show author(s) 2003. Handbook of Thin-Layer Chromatography. 89.
  • Show author(s) 2000. Pigments: Thin-Layer(Okabar) Chromatography Encyclopedia of Separation Science. 3839-3850. In:
    • Show author(s) 2000. Encyclopedia of Separation Science.
  • Show author(s) 2005. The role of Bcl-2 in apoptosis induced by khat (Catha edulis) in acute myeloid leukemia cell lines. Blood. 195b-195b.
  • Show author(s) 2017. Non-polar natural products from the drought resistant Brazilian medicinal plants Bromelia laciniosa, Neoglaziovia variegata and Encholirium spectabile (Bromeliaceae).
  • Show author(s) 2001. Analysis of Pyrolysis Products of Sex Hormones by GC-MS.

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Investigation of mistletoe


BSc (Glasgow), MSc (Glasgow), Dr.ing. (Trondheim), Fil.dr. (Stockholm.