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Julia Christine Marinaccio

Postdoctoral Fellow, Postdoc Fellow
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I am a political comparatist with a regional focus on China and Taiwan, currently employed as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen. I hold a PhD in China studies from the University of Vienna (2018) and an MA in political science from the National Chengchi University (2013). My main research interests lie in environmental governance in China and transnational political mobilization in Taiwan.

Research Interests

  • Political ideology
  • Central-local relations
  • Practices of state representation
  • Environmental governance and resource management 
  • Chinese and Taiwanese migration
  • Political transnationalism 
  • Cross-Strait relations



Organization of:

07/2022: together with Bjørn Alpermann (University of Würzburg) & H. Christoph Steinhardt (University of Vienna), digital Workshop, Arbeitskreis sozialwissenschaftliche Chinastudien: New Challenges in Doing Research on China.

02-05/2022: together with Alessandro Albana (Asia Institute, Ca' Foscari, University of Venice) digital lecture series, Europe-China Relations (https://www.uib.no/en/hf/151042/europe-china-relations)

09-11/2021: Digital lecture series, The Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party (https://www.uib.no/en/hf/147390/centenary-chinese-communist-party).

02-04/2021: Digital lecture series, Current Affairs in China (https://www.uib.no/en/hf/142333/current-affairs-china). 

Invited talks & discussant

11/2022: Invited speaker, National Sun-Yatsen University, Gradute Institute of Political Science, “Parties and Voters abroad: Transnational Electoral Mobilisation in Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Elections

05/2022: Invited speaker, University of Bergen, China Symposium 2022: Engaging China, “Politics of Time in China’s Resource Management”

05/2022: Invited speaker, University of Oslo, Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages, BROKEX Project Seminar Series: “Linking Theory with Practice: Cadre Training and Environmental Governance in China.” [Book presentation]

04/2022: Invited discussant, Bergen Global, 28 April 2022, title: “Bureaucracy & performance in China’s eco-civilisation.” by Julia Strauss (SOAS)

11/2021: Invited speaker, Stockholm University, Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies: “Cadre Training and Environmental Governance: Lessons Learned from my Doctoral Research.”

11/2021: Invited speaker, University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies/Sinology: “Fanxiang Toupiao 返鄉投票: Electoral Mobilisation in Transnational Taiwanese Spaces during the 2020 Presidential Elections in Taiwan.”

10/2021: Invited speaker, University of Bologna, Asia Institute: “Linking Theory with Practice: Cadre Training and Environmental Governance in China.” [Book launch]

05/2021: Invited speaker, University of Tübingen, European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan: “The Taiwanese emigrant electorate: Studying transnational political mobilization in the context of cross-strait relations.”

03/2021: Invited speaker, CMI Chr. Michelsen Institute,16 March 2021: “Bergen Global Breakfast Seminar: China's Iron Grip on Hong Kong and the New Line Towards Taiwan.” 

01/2020: Invited speaker, University College Cork, Department of Asian Studies, One Asia lecture Series: “Changing values of development in China - The role of officials' training in the operationalization of sustainable development.”

11/2015: Invited speaker, National Chengchi University, Department of Political Science, Political Economy Lectures: “International Cadre Training Programs: Recent trends and measures in educational opportunities for Chinese government officials.”

05/2015: Invited speaker, University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies, Taiwan Lecture Series: “Formation and Mobilization of Taiwan’s Inter-religious Movement against Homosexual Marriage – Tensions between Traditional Culture and Modern Taiwanese Society.”

Teaching Interests and Experience

Politics and society in China and Taiwan

Social Science Research Methods

Academic Writing


University of Bergen, Department of Foreign Languages (since August 2020)

  • "Climate Policies in China", lecture in BA seminar "Climate Policies", Department of Government, 17 March 2023
  • "Intercultural competences: Dealing with Climate Change in China and Norway", MA seminar, spring term 2023
  • “Culture, history, and society in China”, BA seminar, since 2021
  • “Bachelor Thesis in China Studies”, BA seminar, since 2021
  • “Kinesisk språk 1”, BA seminar, spring term 2021

University of Applied Technical Sciences Lübeck

  • Online Modul China Competences, two recorded lectures on “Hong and Taiwan” and “Environmental Governance in China”

Diplomatic Academy Vienna (April - July 2021)

  • Understanding China: A Challenge, MA seminar, summer term 2021 (together with Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, University of Vienna)

Free University Berlin, Institute of China Studies (February 2019 – July 2020)

  • “BA Colloquium” (in German), BA seminar, winter term 2019/20
  • “Qualitative Content Analysis: Analyzing China’s environmental image in German media” (in German), BA seminar, winter term 2019/20
  • “Introduction into the practice of social science research” (in German), BA seminar, summer term 2019, winter term 2019/20
  • “Taiwan’s elections 2020 - Chinese reading class” (in German), MA seminar, winter term 2019/20
  •  “Digital and informational environmental governance in China” (in German), MA seminar, winter term 2019/20
  • “Chinese and Taiwanese Overseas Communities in Germany” (in German) BA seminar, summer term 2019
  • “Environmental politics and natural resource management under Xi Jiping” (in German) MA seminar, summer term 2019
  • “Ideology and Organization of the Chinese Communist Party” (in German) MA seminar, summer term 2019

University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies/Sinology (October 2014 – January 2018)

  • “Qualitative research methods in the social sciences: Academic research: academic writing and the literature review” (in German), BA seminar, summer term 2017
  • “Comparing English and Chinese Academic Articles: The risk society by Ulrich Beck and Cai Shouqiu.” MA lecture, 6 April 2017
  • “How to read academic articles” MA lecture, 30 April 2017
  •  “Qualitative research methods in the social sciences: Chinese and African migration in Austria” (in German), BA seminar, winter term 2016/17 [The seminar was part of a teaching project on teaching research together with Sarah Hanisch, Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla, Dewei Che from the Department of East Asian Studies and the Department of African Studies] 
  • “Qualitative research methods in the social sciences: Methodology and techniques” (in German), BA seminar, summer term 2016
  • “The CCP and Cadre Management” (in German), BA seminar, summer term 2015
  • “Environmental Governance in China” (in German), BA seminar, winter term 2014/15
  • “History of Education in East Asia” (in English), BA seminar, winter term 2014/15
  • Drafting and correction of exams: “Introduction to Chinese politics” (first-semester BA students) and “China’s economic development” (third-year BA students) under the supervision of Prof. Christian Göbel, September 2013 – January 2018

Ca’ Foscari University, Department of Asian and North African Studies (February – March 2016)

  •  “Writing academic papers in the social sciences” (in Italian), BA workshop
  • “Hard and Soft Elements in Politics and Culture: Cadre Management and Policy Promotion at Local Level in China” (in English), BA lecture, 24 February 2016
  •  “Hard and Soft Elements in Politics and Culture: Cadre Management and Policy Promotion at Local Level in China” (in English), MA lecture,  24 February 2016

Linking Theory with Practice? Cadre Training and Environmental Governance in China

ISBN: 978-3-96238-329-9

184 pages


In the early 2000s, the Chinese leadership officially acknowledged that the former development model, based on irrational economic growth, had brought prosperity for a few, while leaving behind a significant proportion of China's population. But the country's rapid development had also taken a huge toll on natural resources and the environment. Since then, China's leaders have pushed extensive reforms to move the country onto a sustainable path of development. While most studies have looked into the diverse hierarchical instruments of regulation, supervision, and punishment, few have recognized cadre training as a critical instrument to steer local political action and expedite a change of values at the party-state level. This book unpicks the complex and multi-layered structures of China's cadre training system, offering a new perspective on its function within the nation's political system. Taking forest management as its case study, the book reveals how the Chinese regime links ideology and practice in knowledge transmission and how training is devised to put technical professional skills into the service of political goals and visions. Based on a comprehensive set of qualitative data collected through fieldwork and textual research, the book also reveals the drawbacks of this training system, showing why it fails to foster the administrative capacities of local forestry authorities in responding to the current challenges facing natural resource management.







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  • "Das Vergessen kann das Erinnern nicht aufhalten," Blickpunkte 4, 2019


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  • Video poster presentation, SDG Conference Bergen, University of Bergen, "Does time in politics matter: Experiences from China's recent environmental history", 9 February 2023



since 2022: Editorial Board Member, ASIEN-The German Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies, German Association of Asian Studies

since 2022: Representative at Department Board, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen

2021-2022: Postdoc Representative at Faculty Advisory Board (FFU: Forskning- og Forkerutdanningutvalget og programstyret for PhD utdanning), University of Bergen