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Recent knowledge regarding fluid constituting the body's microenvironment gives new diagnostic possibilities.
After getting an article accepted in FEBS Letters, the authors sent a cover art suggestion to the journal. The image was accepted and is featured on the cover of FEBS Lett., Volume 585, Issue 8.
Probes for molecular imaging of renal function with MRI and PET is developed.
At the Department of Medicine, University of Bergen, there is one PhD and one Post Doc position available in In vivo Imaging.
The course will include lectures, practical work and demonstrations of different quantitative proteomics techniques. The course will require basic knowledge (teoretical and practical) in proteomics.
Kjartan Vibe Fersum defends his PhD thesis on wednesday, 27. april 2011. Non-specific chronic low back pain (NSCLBP) disorders have proven highly resistant to change in spite of enormous resources directed at them. There is lack of evidence for single treatment interventions for patients with NSCLBP despite the substantial amount of Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT) evaluating treatment outcome... Read more
Physical tests of spinal mobility and dynamic mobility of the trunk in activities reflect best functional changes as perceived and reported by back pain patients. New publication by Strand LI, Anderson B, Lygren H, Skouen JS, Ostelo R. Magnussen LH.
This month's network meeting will be held March 29 at 11:30 in auditorium 4, BBB.
Institute of Medicine and the Department of Biomedicine gathered for joint institute day.
Editorial from Karin Dahlberg, professor, Eva Gjengedal, professor & Målfrid Råheim, ass. professor
Recently, researchers in TSG found that Ncp-M1 blocks the liver-specific transporter proteins OATP1B1/OATP1B3. These transporters are responsible for hepatocellular uptake of growth-stimulating steroids, several drugs, and toxins like microcystin, and are an important part of the detoxification machinery of the liver. Ncp-M1 is non-toxic to both liver cells and other cell types, and its mechanism... Read more
The Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging arranges a new PhD course in light and force based molecular imaging. The course will be held at the Department of Physics at NTNU during the autumn 2011.
Monica H. Breitve, Minna J. Hynninen, Alice Kvåle. Although psychomotor physiotherapy (PMPT) has been a treatment tradition in Norway for >50 years, there are few effect studies. This study was recently published in Physiotherapy Research International (Dec 2010).
The January issue of MICs newsletter focuses on MICs high quality and efficient service in sample preparation for light and electron microscopy.
22nd– 25th of February 2011, MIC arranges a course in image processing aimed at teaching users how to better extract valuable parameters from their scientific images and how best to represent images. The course is open for all researchers.
January 24 until 28, members of the Bergen Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research will present their results from 2010.
During this years Health, Security, and Environment (HSE) meeting the Biorecognition group was awarded with the HSE prize for its contribtions.
The fibroblast integrin alpha11beta1 is induced in a mechanosensitive manner involving activin A and regulates myofibroblast differentiation.