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Doktorgradar ved Institutt for informatikk, frå 1984 til no

Doktorgradar, 2023

Ph.d. Roberto Parisella, On a New, Efficient Framework for Falsifiable Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments

Ph.d. Sophie Fischer-Holzhausen, A matter of timing: A modelling-based investigation of the dynamic behaviour of reproductive hormones in girls and women

Ph.d. Reent Schlegel, Coding for Privacy in Distributed Computing

Ph.d. Cosimo Damiano Persia, Learning Possibilistic Logic Theories

Ph.d. Yngve Sekse Kristiansen, Interactive Semantic and Aesthetic Guidance for Multi-View Visualization Design

Doktorgradar, 2022

Ph.d. Thomas Bernhard Trautner, Visualization Hybridization with Spatialization Cues

Ph.d. Arne Tobias Ødegaard, Assumptions, Efficiency and Trust in Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Ph.d. Laura Ann Garrison, From Molecules to the Masses

Ph.d. Lars Albin Severinson, Straggler-Resilient Distributed Computing

Ph.d. Alessandro Budroni, Notes on Lattice-Based Cryptography

Ph.d. Eric Mörth, Scaling Up Medical Visualization - Multi-Modal, Multi-Patient, and Multi-Audience Approaches for Medical Data Exploration, Analysis and Communication

Ph.d. Muhammad Ammar Malik, Machine learning approaches for high-dimensional genome-wide association studies

Ph.d. Adnan Muhammad Niazi, Computational methods for studying RNA caps and poly(A)-tails at single-molecule resolution with Nanopore sequencing

Ph.d. Wrya Karim Kadir, Decoding and constructions of codes in rank and Hamming metric

Ph.d. Emmanuel Jean Paul Pierre Arrighi, Order-Related Problems Parameterized by Width

Ph.d. Isaac Andrés Canales Martínez, New cryptanalysis of LFSR-based stream ciphers and decoders for p-ary QC-MDPC codes

Ph.d. Martha Norberg Hovd, Studies on the Security of Selected Advanced Asymmetric Cryptographic Primitives


Doktorgradar, 2021

Ph.d. Anna Maria Eilertsen, Improving the Usability of Refactoring Tools for Software Change Tasks

Ph.d. Kristine Vitting Klinkby Knudsen, Parameterized Problems on (Di)Graphs

Ph.d. Ksenia Lavrichenko, Computational methods for DNA Copy Number Variation Analysis

Ph.d. Asieh Abolpour Mofrad, Clique-Based Neural Associative Memories

Ph.d. Chaoran Fan, Improving Interaction in Visual Analytics using Machine Learning

Ph.d. John Petter Indrøy, Selected Topics in Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers

Ph.d. Diana Davidova, On properties of bent and almost perfect nonlinear functions

Ph.d. Morten Øygarden, Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Cryptographic Schemes with Extension Field Structure

Ph.d. Sachin Valera, Topological Quantum and Skein-Theoretic Aspects of Braided Fusion Categories

Ph.d. Dan Zhang, Design of sequences with good correlation properties

Ph.d. Nikolay Stoyanov Kaleyski, Towards a deeper understanding of APN functions and related longstanding problems

Ph.d. Bram Burger, Statistical considerations for the design and interpretation of proteomics experiments

Ph.d. Kirill Simonov, Algorithmic Complexity of Clustering and Low-Rank Approximation Problems

Ph.d. Irene Villa, Analysis, classification and construction of optimal cryptographic Boolean functions

Doktorgradar, 2020

Ph.d. Fabian Bolte, Visualization Space Exploration

Ph.d. Bjørn André Bredesen, Modelling the structure, function and evolution of Polycomb/Trithorax Response Elements

Ph.d. Yaxin Xue, Development and application of computational methods for NGS-based microbiome research

Ph.d. Xiaokang Zhang, Biomarker Discovery Using Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches on Gene Expression Data

Ph.d. Lars Jaffke, Bounded Width Graph Classes in Parameterized Algorithm

Ph.d. Srimathi Varadharajan, Hard Mathematical Problems in Cryptography and Coding Theory

Ph.d. Daniel Hernández Escobar, Strong stability of C-stationary points for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints

Ph.d. Torstein J. F. Strømme, Exploiting graph structures for computational efficiency

Ph.d. Navid Ghaedi Bardeh, New Approaches to the Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers

Ph.d. Kornel Labun, In silico design and analysis of targeted genome editing with CRISPR

Doktorgradar, 2019

Ph.d. Arne Albert Klein, Methods for Optimizing Turbine Locations and Cable Routes in Offshore Wind Farms

Ph.d. Adam Giess, Understanding translational landscapes through the footprints of ribosomes

Ph.d. Anna-Lena Both, Parameter optimisation for the improved modelling of industrial-scale gas explosions

Ph.d. Marika Ivanova, Optimization Problems in Communication Networks and Multi-Agent Path Finding

Ph.d. Katarzyna Anna Chyzynska, Insights into translational regulation from ribosome profiling data

Ph.d. Paloma Thomé de Lima, Structural and Algorithmic Graph Theory Through the Lenses of Graph Classes

Ph.d. Andrea Tenti, Sufficiently overdetermined random polynomial systems behave like semiregular ones

Doktorgradar, 2018

Ph.d. Bjørn Møller Greve, Systems of Boolean equations, elimination theory, and applications to cryptography

Ph.d. Erik Eikeland, Two-Level Additive Schwarz Methods with Adaptive Coarse Spaces on Elliptic Multiscale Problems

Ph.d. Ute Alexandra Schaarschmidt, Multiple time–scale dynamics of stage structured populations and derivative–free optimization

Ph.d. Siddhartha Kumar, Privacy, Security, and Repair in Distributed Storage Systems

Ph.d. Sergej Stoppel, User-Centric Parameter Specification for Interactive Virtual and Physical Visual Representations

Ph.d. Tetiana Yarygina, Exploring Microservice Security

Ph.d. Angèle Abboud, Structure and dynamic of the N-terminal acetyltransferase family: a computational study

Ph.d. Bo Sun, On the Classification and Some Properties of APN Functions

Ph.d. Eivind Jahren, Three exact methods for some problems in Combinatorial Optimization

Doktorgradar, 2017

Ph.d. Markus Fanebust Dregi, Beyond the question of fixed-parameter tractability

Ph.d. Tero Hasu, Programming Language Technology for Niche Platforms

Ph.d. Ivan Kolesár, Partial Spatiotemporal Abstraction for Comparative Visualization of Molecular Processes

Ph.d. Md Naim, Parallel Matching and Clustering Algorithms on GPUs

Ph.d. Akanksha Agrawal, Graph Modification Problems: Beyond the Known Boundaries

Ph.d. Christian Otterstad, Selected x86 Low-level Attacks and Mitigations

Doktorgradar, 2016

Ph.d. Xiaoliang Wang, Towards Correct Modelling and Model Transformation in DPF

Ph.d. Atle Loneland, Robust Domain Decomposition Methods for the Finite Element and Finite Volume Element Discretization

Ph.d. Erik Parmann, Case Studies in Constructive Mathematics

Doktorgradar, 2015

Ph.d. Mohsen Toorani, Security protocols and related topics

Ph.d. Pål Grønås Drange, Parameterized Graph Modification Algorithms

Ph.d. Matus Kalas, Efforts towards accessible and reliable bioinformatics

Ph.d. Samson Gejibo, Towards a Secure Framework for mHealth: A Case Study in Mobile Data Collection Systems

Ph.d. Sigve Hortemo Sæther, Choice of parameter for DP-based FPT algorithms: four case studies

Ph.d. Jan Christian Bryne, Determining the regulatory roles of transcription factor complexes by analysis of high throughput sequencing data

Ph.d. Reza SaeiDinvar, Algorithmic and combinatorial problems on graph classes

Doktorgradar, 2014

Ph.d. Andrea Brambilla, Visibility-oriented Visualization Design for Flow Illustration

Ph.d. Oleksander Kazymyrov, Methods and Tools for Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Primitives

Ph.d. Mattia Natali, Sketch-based Modelling and Conceptual Visualization of Geomorphological Processes for Interactive Scientific Communication

Ph.d. Sadia Sharmin, Practical Aspects of the Graph Parameter Boolean-width 

Ph.d. Chunlei Li, Sequences and Linear Codes from Highly Nonlinear Functions

Ph.d. Anne Kristin Støbakk Stavrum, A kinetic model of tryptofan metabolism - Developments towards accurate and scalable kinetic models

Ph.d. Paweł Sztromwasser, Throughput and robustness of bioinformatics pipelines for genome-scale data analysis


Doktorgradar, 2013

Ph.d. Michał Pilipczuk, Tournaments and optimality: new results in fixed-parameter tractability

Ph.d. Cagatay Turkay, Integrating Computational Tools in Interactive and Visual Methods for Enhancing High-dimensional Data and Cluster Analysis

Ph.d. Rémy Belmonte, Algorithmic and Combinatorial Aspects of Containment Relations in Graphs

Ph.d. Aleksandra Sima, An improved workflow for image- and laser-based virtual geological outcrop modelling

Ph.d. Endre Mølster Lidal, Sketch-based Storytelling for Cognitive Problem Solving – Externalization, Evaluation, and Communication in Geology

Ph.d. Åsmund Rognerud Birkeland, Ultrasonic Vessel Visualization: From Extraction to Perception

Ph.d. Chirag Nepal, Regulatory mechanisms of non-coding RNAs during zebrafish embryogenesis

Ph.d. Edvin Fuglebakk, Methods for comparative analysis of the intrinsic motions of computational protein models

Ph.d. Susanne Balzer, Characteristics of Pyrosequencing Data - Analysis, Methods, and Tools


Doktorgradar, 2012

Ph.d. Somaye Yari, Coding for correcting errors of limited magnitude and for error detection

Ph.d. Sjur Dyrkolbotn, Argumentation, paradox and kernels in directed graphs

Ph.d. Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh Abyaneh, Security Analysis of Lightweight Schemes for RFID Systems

Ph.d. Paolo Angelelli, Visual Exploration of Human Physiology: Visualizing Perfusion, Blood Flow and Aging

Ph.d. Armin Pobitzer,  Interactive Visual Analysis of Time-dependent Flows: Physics- and Statistics-based Semantics

Ph.d. Guang Yang, Coding for Passive RFID Communication

Ph.d. Veronika Solteszova, Perception-Augmenting Illumination

Ph.d. Thorsten Schilling,Towards efficient algorithms in algebraic cryptanalisis

Ph.d. Martin Vatshelle, New width parameters of graphs

Ph.d. Ramij Rahaman,  Study of nonlocal correlations and entanglement in the context of quantum information processing


Doktorgradar, 2011

Ph.d. Jesper Nederlof, Space and Time Efficient Structural Improvements of Dynamic Programming Algorithms

Ph.d. Alessandro Rossini, Diagram Predicate Framework meets Model Versioning and Deep Metamodelling

Ph.d. Ove Daae Lampe, Interactive Visual Analysis of Process Data

Ph.d. Seyed Mehdi Hassanzadeh, Cryptanalysis of Cryptographic Primitives and Related Topics

Ph.d. Mostofa Ali Patwary, Parallel Graph Algorithms for Combinatorial Scientific Computing

Ph.d. Johannes Langguth, Sequential and Parallel Matching Algorithms in Combinatorial Scientific Computing

Ph.d. Johannes Kehrer, Interactive Visual Analysis of Multi-faceted Scientific Data

Ph.d. Eva Burrows, Programming with Explicit Dependencies: A Framework for Portable Parallel Programming

Ph.d. Alexandr Goncearenco, Evolution of protein function and mechanisms of molecular adaptation

Ph.d. Gisle Sælensminde, Computational analysis of proteins adapted to extreme temperatures

Ph.d. Andrew Polonsky, Proofs, Types and Lambda Calculus


Doktorgradar, 2010

Ph.d. Dag Hovland, Feasible Algorithms for Semantics - Employing Automata and Inference Systems

Ph.d. Conrado Borraz-Sánchez, Optimization Methods for Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas 

Ph.d. Adrian Rutle, Diagram Predicate Framework: A Formal Approach to MDE

Ph.d. Joakim Grahl Knudsen, On Iterative Decoding of High-Density Parity-Check Codes Using Edge-Local Complementation

Ph.d. Torben Broemstrup, Peripheral membrane binding of Proteinase 3: In silico description of amino acid specific binding interactions and their lipid type dependencyVarious aspects of stream cipher cryptanalysis 

Ph.d. Michal Hojsik, Various aspects of stream cipher cryptanalysis 

Ph.d. Siv Midtun Hollup, Prediction and analysis of protein structure

Ph.d. Harald Barsnes, Development of Tools for Analyzing and Sharing Proteomics Data

Ph.d. Rodica G. MihaiGames on graphs: searching and online coloring

Ph.d. Tor Erling Bjørstad, On the security of cryptographic primitives

Ph.d. Jean-Paul Balabanian, Multi-Aspect Visualization: Going from Linked Views to Integrated Views


Doktorgradar, 2009

Ph.d. Mohammad Ravanbakhsh, Towards Optimal Data Transmission by Network Coding

Ph.d. Aina Johansen, The correlation of sequences over finite alphabets

Ph.d. Sondre Rønjom, Cryptanalysis of Ciphers over Finite Cyclic Groups

Ph.d. Valentin David, Language Constructs for C++-like languages – Tools and extensions

Ph.d. Anya Helene Bagge: Constructs & Concepts – Language Design for Reliability and Flexibility

Ph.d. Daniel Patel: Expressive Visualization and Rapid Interpretation of Seismic Volumes

Ph.d. Daniel Lokshtanov: New Methods in Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity

Ph.d. Morten Mjelde: New Results on Self-Stabilizing Algorithms,
and on Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks


Doktorgradar, 2008 

Ph.d. Serge GaspersExponential Time Algorithms: Structures, Measures, and Bounds

Ph.d. Alexey Stepanov: Exact Algorithms for Hard Listing, Counting and Decision Problems

Ph.d. Netland, Lars-Helge: Analyse av sikkerhetsrisikoer i datasystemer

Ph.d. Klingsheim, André N.: Sikkerhet og personvern på Internett,

Ph.d. Gundersen, Geir: Halleys metode i optimering for å løse storskala beregninger

Ph.d. Mancini, Federico: Reparering av eksperimentelle data ved å bruke grafer

Ph.d. Shruti Rastogi: Understanding protein evolution with structural models

Ph.d. Lars Eirik Danielsen On Connections Between Graphs, Codes, Quantum States, and Boolean Functions

Ph.d. Yngve EspelidPractices in Software Security

Ph.d. Joanna Bauer: Fast Solution Methods for the Minimum Energy Multicast Problem in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

Ph.d. Ørjan Bergmann: Optimization issues in medical imaging and fiber-tracking

Ph.d. Timoty Hughes: Computational analysis of the evolutionary dynamics of proteins on a genomic scale 


Doktorgradar, 2007

Ph.d. Kristian Flikka: Computational methods in high-throughput proteomics research

Ph.d. Fredrik Dorn: Designing subexponential algorithms: problems, techniques & structures

Ph.d. Geir Jarle Ness: Correlation of sequences of different lengths and related topics

Ph.d. Thomas Tjøstheim: Security Analysis of Electronic Voting and Online Banking Systems

Ph.d. Irina Naydenova: Error detection and correction for symmetric and asymmetric channels

Ph.d. Karl Trygve Kalleberg: Abstractions for Language-Independent Program Transformations


Doktorgradar, 2006 

Ph.d. Bjarte Dysvik  Analyse av genetiske uttrykksprofiler 

Ph.d. Vebjørn Moen: Vulnerabilities in Distributed Systems

Ph.d. Lennart Frimannslund: On Curvature and Separability in Unconstrained Optimisation

Ph.d. Hoang Anh Truong: Type Systems for Guaranteeing Resource Bounds of Component Software

Ph.d. Yngve Villanger: New methods on minimal triangulations

Ph.d. Christian Sloper: Techniques in parameterized algorithm design


Doktorgradar, 2005

Dr.scient Pål Ellingsen: Iterative decoding for the Z-channel and related topics

Ph.d. John Erik Mathiassen: Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers and Hash Functions

Ph.d. Håvard Molland: New Methods for Crypt Analysis of Stream Ciphers

Ph.d. Sin Cheung Ho: Tabu Search Heuristics for Vehicle Routing Problems

Dr.scient. Ketil Malde: Algorithms for the Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags

Dr.scient. Håvard Raddum: Cryptanalytic Methods for Block Cipher Encryption Schemes


Doktorgradar, 2004

Ph.d. Alexa Anderlik: Structural properties of DDAs and their application to parallel programming.

Ph.d. Borislav Minchev: Exponential Integrators for Semi-linear Problems.

Dr.scient. Trond Hellem B: Feature selection, classification and imputation methods for microarray gene expression data 

Dr.scient. Thomas Ågotnes: A Logic of Finite Syntactic Epistemic States.


Doktorgradar, 2003

Dr.scient. Stein Krogstad: Topics in Numerical Lie Group Integration

Dr.scient. Yasemin Yalcinkaya: Reducing the Effect of Old History in Asynchronous Iterations: An Empirical Study

Dr.scient. Ragnhild Blikberg: Nested Parallelism in OpenMP with Application to Adaptive Mesh Refinement.

Dr.scient. Assefaw Gebremedhin: Practical Parallel Algorithms for Graph Coloring Problems in Numerical Optimization.

Dr.scient. Eirik Rosnes: Structural Properties of High Rate Convolutional and Turbo Codes and Related Topics.

Dr.scient. Yngve Lamo: The institution of Multialgebras - a general framework for algebraic software development.

Dr.scient Petter Kristiansen: New results on the domination chain, graph homomorphisms, alliances, and self-stabilizing algorithms.


Doktorgradar, 2002

Dr.scient. Thierry Matthey: Framework Design, Parallelization and Force Computation in Molecular Dynamics.

Dr.scient. Hans Georg Schaathun: Support Weights in Linear Codes and Projective Multisets.

Dr.scient. Kjell Petersen: Zinc finger protein modelling using GADGET – Genetic Algorithm and Distance Geometry for Exploring Topology

Dr.philos Magne Haveraaen: Coordinate free numerics – A software approach to scientific computing


Doktorgradar, 2000

Dr.scient. Peter Ølveczky: Specification and Analysis of Real-Time and Hybrid Systems in Rewriting Logic.

Dr.scient. Sigrid Lise Nonås: Modeling and production planning for complex multi-item systems.

Dr.scient. Bjørn Peter Tjøstheim: A study of fourth order elliptic problems with constant coefficients in two and three dimensions

Dr.scient. Kenth Eng: Topics in Numerical Geometric Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations.

Dr.scient. Helge Avlesen: The analysis of some time-stepping schemes in ocean models. Their discretization error, consistency and convergence.

Dr.scient. Bjørn Jæger: Traffic Restoration in Survivable Wide Area Communication Networks

Dr.scient. Venansius Baryamureeba: Methods for Nonlinear Least Squares Problems

Dr.scient. Halvard Movik Martinsen: Sequence Design and Correlation

Dr.scient. Talal Rahman: Additive Schwarz methods for some elliptic problems


Doktorgradar, 1998

Dr.scient. Abul K.M. Shahadat Hossain: On the Computation of Sparse Jacobian Matrices and Newton Steps

Dr.scient. Chunming Rong: Computational Analysis in Algebraic Decoding, APN-Mappings and t-Designs

Dr.scient. Rolf Erstad: Coding and Decoding of High Density Magnetic Recording Systems

Dr.scient. Tore Burheim Restricted Feature Structure Grammars


Doktorgradar, 1997

Dr.scient. Eero Vainikko: Robust Additive Schwarz Methods - Parallel Implementations and Applications


Doktorgradar, 1996

Dr.scient. Pinar Heggernes: Partitioning and Ordering Graphs for Sparse Matrix Computations

Dr.scient. Inge Jonassen: Methods for finding motifs in sets of related biosequences

Dr.scient. Richard Elling Moe: First order typed feature structures

Dr.scient. Anca Vermesan: Developing Verifiable Knowledge Systems


Doktorgradar, 1995

Dr.scient. Marianne Fjelltveit Hole: High rate convolutional codes: low complexity decoding and structural analysis.

Dr.scient. Arne Løkketangen: Tabu search as a metaheuristic guide for combinatorial optimization problems.

Dr.scient. Torill Hamre: Development of semantic spatio-temporal data models for integration of remote sensing and in situ data in a marine information system (MIS).


Doktorgradar, 1994

Dr.scient. Erik Rønneberg Hauge: DeBruijn sequences and non-linear recursion.

Dr.scient. Carsten Helgesen: Approximate pattern matching : algorithms and applications in molecular biology.


Doktorgradar, 1993

Dr.scient. Terje Kårstad: Massively parallel algorithms in reservoir simulation.

Dr.philos. Johan Christopher Giertsen: Volume visualization of numerical simulation data.

Dr.scient. Fredrik Manne: Load balancing in parallel sparse matrix computations.

Dr.scient. Michal Walicki: Algebraic specifications of nondeterminism.

Dr.scient. Nils Jacob Berland: Stochastic optimization and parallel processing.


Doktorgradar, 1992

Dr.philos. Sylvia Borissova Encheva: Optimal binary linear codes.

Dr.scient. Sven-Olai Høyland: Bin-packing in "1.5 dimension" and variants of the Next-fit rule for one-dimensional packing.

Dr.scient. Trond-Henning Olesen: Parallel sparse matrix algorithms.

Dr.scient. Randi Moe: Iterative local uniform mesh refinement methods and parallel processing.

Dr.scient. Morten Dahlberg Skogen: Parallel Schwarz methods.


Doktorgradar, 1991

Dr.scient. Dag Haugland: Optimization methods for blending models in oil refineries.

Dr.scient. Kjell Jørgen Hole: Punctured convolutional codes and their applications.


Doktorgradar, 1990

Dr.scient. Bjørnar Tessem: Interval representation of uncertainty in artificial intelligence.

Dr.scient. Anders Hvidsten: A parallel implementation of the finite element program SESTRA.


Doktorgradar, 1989

Dr.scient. Øyvind Ytrehus: Codes for error control.

Dr.philos. Terje O. Espelid: Multidimensional numerical integration.


Doktorgradar, 1988

Dr.scient. Tor Sørevik: Reliable and efficient algorithms for adaptive quadrature.

Dr.scient. Khalid Azim Mughal: Generation of runtime facilities for program editors.


Doktorgradar, 1985

Dr.scient. Jarle Berntsen: Development and testing of automatic numerical integration routines for three dimensional integrals.


Doktorgradar, 1984

Dr.scient. Stein W. Wallace: Enumerative methods for stochastic programs with network recourse.